About Régie de Fribourg

Services offered by Régie Fribourg SA

  • Housing management
  • PPE administration
  • Brokerage
  • Valuations
  • Fiduciary mandates
  • Management of building sites
  • Running projects
  • Energy passes

Since its creation in 1958 Régie de Fribourg SA has adapted to the changes and demands of the housing market. A versatile company, Régie de Fribourg currently holds a privileged position among estate agents in the Fribourg area due to its first-rate level of services as well as the skills of its collaborators who are all fully trained in all the sectors in this field.

All the services under the one roof

The property market includes several domains such as housing management, brokerage, valuation, running projects, management of building sites, and building maintenance. Régie de Fribourg offers all these services and provides the advantage of an incomparable overview and global treatment of the different types of property related business. The experts at Régie de Fribourg meet on a daily basis in order to give the best advice and to bring fast, long-lasting solutions depending on the type of mandate in question. The clients are the first people to benefit from the effects of this synergy.

Objective skill

Around forty collaborators work for Régie de Fribourg forming competent teams at every level. These PPE managers / administrators, brokers, and experts in housing valuation are constantly examining the market and its trends in order to give the best advice and take the best actions for each case, thus achieving the best performance. While the housing experts at Régie de Fribourg are known for their great professional knowledge, they also stand out due to their efficiency and quality in their business dealings.

Organisation Chart